– 南方舞廳。 EP15。 深呼吸。 《瑪嘉烈與大衛系列: 前度》。


About Loss and Grief

‘I can’t beat it.’

– Kenneth Lonergan. (Director). (2016). Manchester by the Sea [Motion Picture].



「海島有一種遁世的特性,逃到荒島上,意味著尋找一處與世格絕的淨土,是人們內心潛藏的一種想望,小說《魯濱遜漂流記》或是湯姆.漢克主演的流落荒島電影《浩劫重生》(Cast Away),都描述著一個人的荒島經驗,那是現代人所缺乏的『獨處』經驗,島嶼讓人們不得不去面對自己、與自己內心誠實對話,找回內心的平靜與安息。」


When I die

“They tell me I must wade into waters, where I will soon drown. Before I march in, I leave this on the shore for you. I pray you find it, sister, so you will know what was in my heart as I went under.”

– Khaled Hosseini. 2013. And the Mountains Echoed.


‘There is no accounting for how the mind works. This moment, for instance. Of the thousands and thousands of moments my mother and I shared together through all the years, this is the one that shines the brightest, the one that vibrates with the loudest hum at the back of my mind: my mother looking up at me over her shoulder, her face upside down, all those dazzling points of light shimmering on her skin, her asking did I know how good and strong God had made me.’

– Khaled Hosseini. 2013. And the Mountains Echoed.


‘It was the tender, slightly panicky way he spoke these words that I knew my father was a wounded person, that his love for me was as true, vast, and permanent as the sky, and that it would always bear down upon me. It was the kind of love that, sooner or later, concerned you into a choice: either you tore free or you stayed and withstood its rigor even as it squeezed you into something smaller than yourself.’

– Khaled Hosseini. 2013. And the Mountains Echoed.


‘And it’s that nearly always you will know within two weeks if it’s going to work. It’s astonishing how many people remain shackled for years, decades even, in a delusion and false hope when in fact they had their answer in those first two weeks.’

– Khaled Hosseini. 2013. And the Mountains Echoed.

Our Paths

‘They think they live by what they want. But really what guides them is what they’re afraid of. What they don’t want.’

– Khaled Hosseini. 2013. And the Mountains Echoed.


‘When you least expect it, nature has cunning ways of finding our weakest spot.’

– Luca Guadagnino. (Director). (2017). Call Me by Your Name [Motion Picture].


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