當Hit Rate成了核心價值

「也許在手機看新聞的,多抱著看娛樂的心態,專注時間短暫,長文章多不受歡迎。據分析,動新聞短片也不能超過3分鐘,因為看的人專注力多是1分半鐘至2分半鐘。當一段近千字的新聞,濃縮成2分30秒的段片,還要吸眼球,這能帶出甚麼信息?不就是,一個搶的標題,一句背景,一段情節,一句sound bite,一句評論。情節最好juicy與性有關,或是踢爆的醜聞;要麼就走可愛路線,寵物或小孩都大受歡迎;而講sound bite的,最好是689,定必大;不是689,也要名人;不是名人,也要靚女;不靚女,也要夠『港女』。近來hit rate上百萬的,不就是『14巴港女』『大霧山自由女神』嗎? 誰去管新聞價值?」

-〈當Hit Rate成了核心價值〉。《Breakazine! 044, 速食新聞:如何對抗被餵飼的命運》。

Finding your Call


‘7 lessons about finding the work you were meant to do’. Retrieved from

Chattering classes

‘speak clearly; speak easily but not too much, especially when others want their turn; do not interrupt; be courteous; deal seriously with serious matters and gracefully with lighter ones; never criticise people behind their backs; stick to subjects of general interest; do not talk about yourself; and, above all, never lose your temper’

‘remember people’s names, and be a good listener’

– Chattering classes. (2006, December 19). The Economist. Retrieved from

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