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“She’s Chinese, medium-built. She’s wearing a sleeveless denim skirt…a dress, pink scarf. She’s got long hair, half her shoulders. But she’d probably tie it up in a ponytail right now, that’s what she would do when she feels anxious. And… she’s got a beautiful smile, but she’d giggle over silly things. Most people dream of being special, but she’s the only person I know, struggles to hide her uniqueness. You’d easily lose her in the crowd, unless you are standing in a still and bounded space that her light radiates and fills up the space. She gives me peace.”

– 陳志發. EP04. Lost and Found. 《短暫的婚姻》.




– 陳志發. EP01. The Move In. 《短暫的婚姻》.



– 陳志發. EP02. The Dream Man. 《短暫的婚姻》.


‘Your unwavering faith constantly astounds me.’

– Andrew Chambliss & Kalinda Vazquez (Writer). S03E20. Kansas. [Television series episode]. In Once Upon a Time.

High Sparrow

‘You are the few, we are the many. And when the many stop fearing the few…’

– George R. R. Martin (Writer). S05E07. The Gift. [Television series episode]. In Game of Thrones.

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